Remember Username and Password

We’re quite familiar with this phrase in almost all websites across offering us to store our usernames and passwords so that when we try logging in next time, we just don’t need to enter them again and again thus freeing our time little more. Surprisingly, Dynamics GP 2010 has got a feature similar to this option. In fact, It has not just one but two such options.

1. Remember user name and password – This option when marked, the GP client doesn’t ask you for your credentials and push you to the next screen, Company selection.


2. Remember this company – Now If You’re having 5 companies, and you would be using a particular company most often, You can mark this option so that it will hide this window of company selection as well when you log into GP next time. I find this option more useful when I have even one company.


Marking both the options above helps us to just get into Dynamics GP Home screen directly every time we click that tiny cute GP icon on our desktops. Something that is more similar to the way we log on to Dynamics AX client.

I remember several users asking for a windows authentication based mechanism for Dynamics GP for long. Though We don’t have it yet, at least we can say this requirement is offset to the most extent possible by this cool feature on Dynamics GP 2010.

When I first looked into this option, this option is disabled by default. To enable them, We can go to System preferences in System set up where we can mark Enable Remember user under Remember user option.

When I first enabled this option, I have to think a while and even rely on Dynamics GP help menu to help me find a way where I can get the Welcome screen back for me to either change the company or the user because when this option is enabled, It just don’t welcome me through its welcome to Dynamics GP screen and instead all I have is the Home screen before me. The tip to get back the Welcome screen is either disable the Remember Me option in system preferences or click on company or user to get back to the respective screens.

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Unable to connect to the Home Page Metrics URL

In Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010, We can get this error.

“ Unable to connect to the Home Page Metrics URL. Please contact your system administrator.”

Causes of this error is that you’ve activated the option to use SQL server reporting services Home page metrics under Charts and KPIs’ in Reporting tools setup window (Dynamics GP | Administration | Setup | System | Reporting Tools setup)  and provided incorrect URLs’ in your SQL reporting services setup tab in Dynamics GP.

Resolution for this error is

1. Ensure your SSRS is running properly

2. In SQL Server Reporting Tools setup tab in Dynamics GP, Check the URLs’ provided for Report server and Report Manager. The standard path of these reports are provided in Help Manual of Dynamics GP 2010.

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Management Reporter on Workgroup

For those who are looking to run Management Reporter on a workgroup machine, this is something to make note of. Management Reporter doesn't work on Workgroup or when we disconnect from the domain network. When we disconnect from a domain network, we get the error message saying "can't connect to MR Server". Once we connect back to the domain, it works normally.

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