GP2010 Upgrade Error

The GP2010 upgrade from Dynamics GP 10 (SP4 >> 10.0.1368 Build) failed during tables update in a recent upgrade process. The upgrade was failing while updating the following tables.

1. GL10110
2. GL10111
3. GL70500
4. GL70501


This issue is resolved in the following manner

1. As soon as the upgrade fails with the above errors, Drop each of the tables above by going to SQL using DROP Table statement

2. Continue the upgrade

3. When the upgrade comes to the stage of creating views, it fails again because it cannot find these tables based on which certain views are to be created

4. Close the Dynamics GP utilities.

5. You can copy the Create Table scripts from any running GP2010 version for the above tables and create these tables in the current company. If you cannot do that, no issues. Find the download option here for the 4 tables. Just execute the scripts against the company database.





6. After creating the tables, Launch the Utilities again.

7. The Upgrade should go just fine this time.


Service Call Management Process Chart

A sample service Call Management process chart is provided below

Service call process1