Analytical Accounting Uninstall – Error in Smart list Favorites

In Dynamics GP10, When we uninstall Analytical Accounting feature in Add/Remove programs, we might get the following error while trying to open default Smart lists like Accounts, Customers, Vendors,Items. The same error will be displayed in the smart list lookups in the Cards windows for Accounts, Customers and Vendors.

This Favorite Contains a column from a product(3180) not installed on this workstation. The following columns will not be displayed:Node



To avoid this message, Go to Administration => Setup => System Setup => Smart list Options, Select Accounts in Category drop down, Unmark the Node column.


Continue the same for Customers,Vendors, Items categories if the same error is popping up in smart list lookups or smart list views.

Note: This error was replicated on Dynamics GP V10 SP3 (10.00.1193)

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