Correct option - General Entry takes longer time than expected

In the General Entry, We have the option to back out a Journal Entry or Back out and post correcting Entry option.

Clicking on the Correct option will open the Correct Journal Entry option

In this window, when we open the Original Journal Entry lookup, it will take longer time than expected. To avoid this delay in bringing up the results, adding the following index script to the company database will help. The journal entry records will then be displayed much faster. This script was provided by Microsoft support sometime before. (I dont really remember when though).

CREATE NONCLUSTERED INDEX [SEE_GL30000PerformanceCustom] ON [dbo].
( [Back_Out_JE] ASC,

CREATE NONCLUSTERED INDEX [SEE_GL20000PerformanceCustom] ON [dbo].
( [Back_Out_JE] ASC,

To add the above script, Open SQL Server Management Studio, Click to open the Query Analyzer, Select the Company Database against which you'd want to create the index, Copy the script, Click F5 or Execute.

This will then help to ensure faster display of journal entry records in the lookup

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