Extender Inquiries

I’d shed some light on how we can link Extender Inquiries to Extender windows. For this purpose, I’d take the Payables Transaction Entry window.

First, let us create an Extender window for Payables Transaction Entry. For this, Go to Microsoft Dynamics GP Menu => Tools => Extender, Click New window that will open the below window. I’ll fill the fields with the necessary details. Click Save to close the EXT window.


Now, Click New Inquiry window in Microsoft Dynamics GP Menu => Tools => Extender. Fill the Inquiry window with the necessary fields.


I used the Voucher Number – work as the key field for the Extender window. If we create the Inquiry just with the above fields, it will return error due to voucher number – work field. To avoid this error, we can make use of the Use Alternate Key field in the Inquiry window.


We’ll set the alternate field by clicking in the Alternate Keys menu that will open the window below.Fill the fields as shown below and click Save.


Now, Go to Payables Transaction Entry and enter the data in the Extender window PM_TRX_EXT in Purchasing => Payables Transaction Entry => Additional Menu.


Once we post the transaction, we can now go to Purchasing => Inquiry => Transaction by Document, Insert the document number to open the Payables Transaction Inquiry Zoom Form that also stores our extender Inquiry Form in Additional menu



In this fashion, we can build any other Extender windows and corresponding Inquiry windows as well.

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  1. Were you to able to make use of a corresponding Inquiry for a Detail Window? I have a few Detail Windows linked to the Sales Item Detail Entry window with key fields of Line Item Sequence and SOP Number. I set the Inquiries to open with the Sales Item Detail Inquiry Zoom window, but none work.
    Thank you,
    Shelley Williams