Workflows Installation Error

While trying to install Workflows for Dynamics GP, we might encounter the following errors.

Microsoft.Dynamics.Workflow.InstallSystemSecurityMetadata has encountered a problem and needs to close.

Microsoft.Dynamics.Workflow.InstallSystemSecurityMetadata returned –532459699 




This error comes primarily if we install MOSS 2007 Enterprise Edition as a basic installation instead of selecting Advanced installation. Only when we select the Advanced installation, the SharePoint 2007 would be installed as a “complete installation”. To verify if SharePoint was a complete installation, go to SharePoint 3.0 Central Administration site, Click Operations tab, then go to Topology and Services area, Click Services on server. Here we should be seeing web server for medium server farms should be marked. otherwise, it need to be treated as basic installation. If it is basic installation, we need to uninstall the MOSS and then install it again in Advanced mode to install it as “complete installation”.

There are other possibilities as well for getting the same error that are clearly detailed with appropriate resolutions in KB942001

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