Accounts Segments Length Cut-off

Either call it my ignorance or lack of opportunity to realize it much before. I came to know of one downside we currently have on the display of maximum account segments and the account length. While doing a migration for one client from their legacy system, I have had to configure the same Chart of Accounts in Dynamics GP, they have on the legacy system. I was pretty fast as usual, doing my stuff of adding the account categories, preparing the file for import using Integration Manager, all went fine until I came to the accounts Cards window where this little thing took me to surprise. The actual segments were like this (All are numeric)
1 6
2 3
3 5
4 2
5 6
I thought I might just need to go and adjust the expansion in Account Format setup. No, I was wrong in my calculation. The display cuts off at Segment 4 or 5 partly (I don’t exactly remember until I visit my client site again). Then, My idea was to just modify the accounts card screen using Modifier. Successful. Then, what about other windows? How many windows as such can i go and modify? Almost every module does have account distributions? I gave up. My easy solution is to write a product feedback for the same to our Microsoft Product Development team buddies in Connect.
Segments are being replaced with Dimensions today in many systems. However, Some people might just find the segments approach easier in some cases and in some cases it becomes a necessity too like the one I faced. Mostly when we do some typical migrations in Banking Industry that ultimately would have integrations to their core banking systems with Dynamics GP, we have to land up using the same account structure.

Reading the whole story about the segments display cut-off, Do you feel the same way I did? Need not be the same thought as I think. However, Those who just feel I’m correct in asking for this flexibility in terms of display of all account segments, You have an opportunity to support the same. Please login to Microsoft Connect, Vote for it if you feel the existence of this is genuine and would help each one of you.
I must say one great thing about the Product Feedback to Microsoft. It listens to each one of our feedback, It acts the same way in almost each and every genuine case.
Anyone do have an alternate solution or comments, Please do not hesitate to post the same in the comments.

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