All Call stacks are in Use. Cannot Start script

"All Call stacks are in Use. Cannot Start script"

I've covered the basic resolution for this issue in my earlier post GP Troubleshooting-I. Recently, In a client place, I got to see this error back again in General Entry. I followed whatever troubleshooting steps required to rectify this that turned out to be futile. Finally, I figured out. It is the same issue as to Regional Settings. We must agree on a common ground that this error surfaces mostly due to SQL collation settings conflicting with Windows regional settings on Clients or ODBC settings for Dynamics GP. In my case, The collation being followed on SQL was ARABIC_CI_AS. It works fine on Server and some other clients. However, For some machines that are brand new, it gives the call stacks error whenever I open the General Entry screen. The resolution I adopted was the following
1. In the Regional Settings, I changed it to United States in the first place from Arabic(Bahrain) as you cans ee in the following image
 2. I went to Languages Tab in the same Regional Settings, and then Click Details to open the following window. Here again I made sure I select the default input text language as English(United States) and then made sure I have the Arabic language installed.
3. Then came the most important step of this whole issue. Languages for non-Unicode programs. This is very critical for the error coming in the General Entry. This setting is again in Regional settings, Advanced Tab. Here the earlier setting was English(United States) in Select languages drop down. I changed in to Arabic(bahrain) and made sure I marked everything for code page conversion tables.
It asks for a restart of the client computer after these changes and Yes, we have to do it. Now, come back to Dynamics GP and open the General Entry, voila, It works perfect!