Differences Between PO Commitments and Encumbrances

For most of us who would like to understand the prime differences between PO Commitments and Encumbrance Management functionality, Here comes a great information from Dynamics GP partner Forums as was provided by C J Joven of Microsoft. 
1. Encumbrance tracks history in Great Plains while PO Commitments does not.
2. Encumbrance doesn’t integrate with Requisition Management only PO Commitments. You can still use Encumbrance instead of Commitments, but you can’t track against a budget within Business Portal Requisition Management until you create a PO in Great Plains.
3. Encumbrance requires all budgets to be entered for all open fiscal years but PO Commitment's budgets can be entered for any years you want to.
1.They are initiated in the Purchase Order Entry window.
2. Budgets are for Purchase Orders only.
3. Can do multiple purchases simultaneously (mass).
4. Inquiries on current view.
5. No MC functionality.
6. Maintenance available.