Dynamics GP Forums: Got two answers in 20minutes

This morning I was looking at my Twitter followers list and marked some followers on my following list who share common interest, Dynamics GP. Among the Followers that I  follow include Mark Polino, Mohammed Daoud, Rose Business Solutions, Avende,erpsoftwareblog, dynamicsworld.

Good news is the followers list for DynamicsBlogger is ever expanding. While looking at some of the tweets from my followers list, I have this blog article from dynamicsworld that caught my attention. The Author Stephen Cantor shares his latest experience with Dynamics GP forums. He talks about how he posted a question in one of the several Dynamics GP Forums and how he got perfect answers within 20 minutes of his posting. Isn’t it amazing? This is something that everyone agrees with him. Dynamics GP Forums have always been helpful and continue to be so. Several of the community members dedicate their precious time in answering questions. Dynamics GP has several communities to help people. Most of them are Microsoft hosted and some forums are hosted on non-Microsoft sites. I’d list the Microsoft hosted ones here.

1. Dynamics GP partner Forums – This is exclusively for partners. Here is one forum that helps partners save their support calls and get their questions answered. Requires a Microsoft Partner Login for access. Moderated by Microsoft Dynamics GP Support Team.

2. Dynamics GP Community – This is for Partners and End users, in other words, for everyone with interest in Dynamics GP. Not moderated.

3. Dynamics GP Newsgroups – This is again for everyone with interest in Dynamics GP. This Newsgroup is also available on Google Groups. This Newsgroup sometimes get SPAM content. Not moderated.

4. Dynamics GP Newsgroups(developer) – This is for everyone with interest in Dynamics GP however most suited for Developer queries. Not moderated.

Apart from these, there are several other forums out thereto help answer Dynamics GP Questions. Most of the community members do ask to have one common platform for end-users to post questions. I’m also one among them strongly supporting to have a platform like Dynamics GP partner forums. Newsgroups are serving the Users for quite long time now and not catching up with the increasing needs and needs a change in the near future. Having one community for end users and continuing with the current Dynamics GP partner forums will definitely be a good idea because you have one place to search for your answers instead of searching it in multiple forums. While being a contributor to Dynamics GP community, One thing that I find it discouraging is some posters do care to post their questions and do not take their time to mark the questions as answered or helpful. It is the least you can do as a courtesy after having your questions answered. This doesn’t add up to any benefits for the answerer yet it helps the other community members find it helpful when they search for those. To conclude, participate actively in communities, give and take the knowledge in return.

Share your experiences or suggestions on Dynamics GP Forums if you have any here in comments.