Error: Posting to table POP30310. Restore from a backup if possible

When a Shipment is posted in Receivings Transaction entry screen, we get to see an error in the Posting journal that get printed after posting.

Error: Posting to table POP30310. Restore from a backup if possible

This happens if the line items on the Shipment include items with serial numbers. This issue can be recreated as follows.
1. Create two new items. One that is serialized and the other that is not.
2. Create a PO with both line items (Transactions | Purchasing | Purchase Order Entry)
3. Create a Shipment/Invoice for the PO using both items(Click Actions on Purchase Order Entry window | click receive and invoice the PO)
i. Enter any value for the serial number when prompted
ii. Post document
4. Look up receipt (Inquiry | Purchasing | Purchase Order Documents)
a. Once you find the document on the list, click the drill back for the document to be taken to the Inquiry Zoom window


You should see the line item for the serialized item number and the line item for the non-serialized item.


You do not see the line item for the serialized item number, you only seen the non-serialized item. The record for the serialized item does not exist in the POP30310 but does exist in the POP30330.
However after running Check Links on Purchasing History, the POP30330 record is removed so further data damage does result. 
We can still able to see the POP10500 record for the serialized line on the receipt.


This issue came up during one of the threads posted on Dynamics GP partner forums recently, and here is the resolution

“It appears that it specific to a field level stored procedure that is not working as intended. there is currently not a dedicated hot fix released for it. There is, on the other hand, a patch for the stored procedure. I would suggest that you open an incident to inquire about this more. Just don't forget to mention "MBS Great Plains 53636 - When POP receipts are posted, records are not created in the POP30310 for serialized items"

UPDATE: This appears to be resolved in Dynamics GP 10 SP4. (Added 08/25/2009)

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