Fixes in Dynamics GP10 SP4

Two issues that I’ve seen in Dynamics GP V10 SP3 appear to have been fixed in Dynamics GP V10 SP4.

1.This is something I’ve posted in my earlier post. “Error : Posting to table POP30310. Restore from a backup if possible” message that appears while posting a shipment for Serial tracked item. Link for this post is here.

This appears to be resolved in Dynamics GP10 SP4 as I can see during my testing.

2. Stored Procedure error while trying to post the Cash Book Bank Management entry in Payables Management. This appears in Dynamics GP10 SP3

"Cannot insert the value NULL into column 'TRXDATE' , table GL20000, column does not allow nulls. UPDATE fails and then The stored procedure Update_BM_PM_Date returned the following results DBMS: 515 and Dynamics: 0”

This bug also seem to be resolved with Dynamics GP V10 SP4 as I can see it again during my testing.

I’ll update any other findings subsequently as and when I find the same.