I. FRx reports headers are not coming over when trying to export it to MS-Excel?

  1. Make sure you’re using Formatted Excel while trying to export the report
  2. Headers are set up correctly
  3. Possible that a column layout is damaged. To test it out, create as many columns to rule out any building block being corrupted.
  4. If most columns are set to NP , in Excel they would remain hidden in which case, we have to un hide the same in excel.

II.  We have lost the FRx password. How can we recover the same? 

   1. If you’re not using FRx security, then the GP login can be reset
   2. If you’re using FRx security, then the Administrator can reset the password for them 
   3. If the Administrator password is lost, then a support incident need to be opened with Microsoft Support. A password would be provided by the support

III. While installing FRx AA Add-in, Setup was unable to find FRx 6.7 for Great Plains service Pack 5 or later on your computer error comes? 
1. Make Sure AA add-in is installed prior to applying the Service pack
2. Apply the specific service pack to AA add-in for SP10 that can be found here in this link

III. Every time we try to send a FRx report using e-mail option, it works except that a message appears “A program is trying to access e-mail addresses you have stored in Outlook. Do you want to allow this?"

This message appears due to an outlook setting. Follow the KB article 872180 and KB Article 963930 to bypass the same.

IV. Can i install FRx on a 64-bit Windows 2008 Server?

1. FRx is not compatible on Windows 2008 server 64-bit environment.
2. The workaround for this is to install the shared sysdata folder on a 32-bit folder|
3. Roadmap to FRx article posted by Mariano is worth reading in this perspective. Follow this link.
4. Follow this link on Microsoft plans to support Management Reporter to support 64-bit.

V. Is FRx compatible on Windows Vista?

FRx6.7 is compatible on Windows Vista starting Service pack 9. Follow KB Article 929908 for more information.

VI.While accessing the FRx drilldown viewer, the viewer opens however it does not generate any report. We also get errors like Table failed to open, Error 200, Error 381?

Possibly FRx folders permissions issue. To resolve the same, Follow the KB Article 860874. Also, Consider upgrading to latest service pack. 

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