General Posting Journal in Subsidiary Modules

Whenever Post through GL in Posting Settings for subsidiary modules, General posting Journal will be printed when an entry is posted in subsidiary modules. What if, we want to skip this General Posting Journal in subsidiary modules while retaining the ability to print the same for direct GL entries. Mariano Gomez provides a smart solution (as always ) for the same using Report Writer in response to a question raised in Dynamics GP partner Forum.
1) Open Report Writer.
2) Select the General Posting Journal report from the list of Original Reports. Click on Insert.
3) Click on Open to go to open the Report Definition window
4) Click on the Restrictions button to open the Report Restrictions window
5) Click the New button to open the Report Restriction Definition window and add a new restriction
6) In the Restriction Name field type Source Document
7) From the Fields section, select Transaction Work from the Report Table DDL, and Source Document from Table Fields DDL. Click Add to continue
8) Click the [=] button from the Operators section.
9) In the constants section, choose String from the Type DDL, then type GJ in the Constant field. Click Add to continue
NOTE: your Restriction Expression should look like this, GL_TRX_HDR_WORK.Source Document = "GJ"

10) Click on OK to save and close the Report Restriction Definition window.
11) Click the 'X' button to close the Report Restrictions window
12) Click on OK to close the Report Definition window
By these steps, Posting Journal would only yield Journal entries entered only in GL. Anyone looking for a similar solution can give a try.