How dynamicsgptestdrive saved my day

I must share with each one of my blog readers on how dynamicsgptestdrive.com site saved my day for one demo as a last minute resort. I have a scheduled demonstration for a client where I have to demonstrate Dynamics GP Business Portal Requisition Management and Purchasing Flow in Dynamics GP. We use a system dedicated for demo purposes loaded with all features and products belonging to Dynamics GP. I was thinking everything is all set for demo until I realized in the last minute that the demo system is crashed for reasons unknown. What shall I do? I was thinking my only option left is to request the client to reschedule the same for some other day. However, I was quick in realizing I have an alternate solution before me, Dynamicsgptestdrive.com
Dynamicsgptestdrive is loaded with the Dynamics GP VPC that has almost all modules installed including Business Portal. It is designed in a most intelligent fashion, I must say.
Those who haven’t seen the same before can view it by clicking the above link. One can refer the same to their prospects just in case they would say they want to play a little with it before they like it.
It’s a quite innovative tool available for all of us to use in order to gain more confidence from Dynamics GP Prospects. One must thank the big brains involved to come up with this idea.

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