Now Follow Dynamics GP Blogs on Twitter

Today’s word is Twitter. Be it an individual or a business, would love to follow or get followed on Twitter. I thought why can’t we extend Dynamics GP reach via Twitter in the form of syndicating various Dynamics GP Blogs content in Dynamics GP Community. This Idea now became a reality. Almost every Dynamics GP blog that I’m following is now on Twitter. Content would be updated dynamically on Twitter every half-hour from various Dynamics GP blogs that includes Dynamics Blogger as well.

You can now follow all Dynamics GP Blogs recent content by going to Twitter:@dynamicsblogger.
Almost all Dynamics GP Blogs on my Google Following List is included in this Dynamic Update on Twitter. Please let me know if any of your blogs are not included in this update, based on which I could review the same. On the other hand, Please let me know if any of the bloggers doesn’t want to see their content on this feed. Each article’s link and short summary would only be visible that leads to use the original blog link (So, it only helps to increase your blog traffic instead!)

You can also reach this Master feed from DynamicsBlogger at the following address