Recent Additions to my blog

For those who are following my blog from day one, they’d have already noticed several additions to my blog. I thought to share the recent value-add that I did to the blog in order to achieve my utmost objective of making it more clean and presentable format (apart from the subject-matter of the blog). 

  1. Blogger Classic Template changed to the current community Template
  2. Added Lijit Search (I’ve a very special note on this one in specific below)
  3. Added Microsoft Translator widget that helps readers looking for multi      languages            
  4. Cute Share This widget at the end of every post that gives the readers ability to share the post to multiple social networking sites
  5. OutBrain Widget at the end of every post that provides recommendations to readers on other posts
  6. DisQus Widget at the end of every post that provides more flexible ways of comments system

As I said above, I’d want to share the experience of Lijit Search widget in specific that I like the most on my blog. It gives the readers a more customized search experience.


1. We can combine our content that we do on almost all blogging platforms, Social Networking sites and so on so that once the reader searches for any keyword, it returns the results from my whole content, let it be on my blog, my social bookmarks, my RSS feeds.
2. It also provides the Search results from my network (whatever blogs I add to my BlogRoll). So, My Reader need not feel disappointed for not finding relevant content on my blog alone. They can instead search in my network as well to find any results matching their query. If they are still not satisfied, it again gives the ability to search in Web (powered by Google). What else as a publisher do I expect from a free plug-in?

3. To add more, It provides entire statistics of the Blog, where the Readers are coming from, number of page views, number of searches with keyword details,Who is having you on their BlogRoll and so on.

4. When the reader clicks the little explore button on the search widget, it shows my entire network in an awesome flow diagram format that shows all my blogs link to me and the links again to those blogs helping you to expand your blog network.

For those who are blogging, I’d say it is a cool little tool that instead does bigger things. So, Watch out the Lijit Search widget in particular on the blog.