Smartlist Builder Field Comparison Value changes erroneously

A Forum member posted a query in Dynamics GP partner Forums today that when she is trying to use Field Comparison in Search Criteria for a smartlist built using Smartlist Builder throws an invalid value in the value field. I was quick to test the scenario on my system. I’m able to exactly recreate her scenario. Here in the below image, the value field is shown as “Are you sure you want to delete this order ID?”. However this was not the value that I gave in the field. My criteria was to search for records where Current Transaction amount is not equal to Original Transaction Amount. Once I save the search as a favorite, then go back to this favorite, it replaced this Original Transaction amount with the above field.


Then I extended my testing on other smartlists that were built using Smartlist Builder. Strange that this is happening across all smartlists built using Smartlist Builder. Interesting thing is that the results are absolutely correct and no issues on that front except that the value field is converting to some weird text.

Here are the steps for recreating the issue

  1. Take any smartlist built using Smartlist Builder
  2. Go to the Search for that smartlist, then provide the column name in the Column Name
  3. Mark Field Comparison and provide the condition like not equal to or equal to and then provide the value against which the column name to be compared. In my example I compared the current trx amount with original trx amount where current trx amount is not equal to original trx amount.
  4. Save this search as a favorite of your own name and then come out of the same
  5. Now, Come back to the Favorite then see the value in the search criteria the value is changed to some weird text. However, results remain correct.

Anyone having different results or have comments, please feel free to post back.

Note: This was tested on V10 SP3.