You cannot change the PURCH account at the summary level

You cannot change the PURCH account at the summary level.Change the Inventory A/c for the line item instead


Effective Dynamics GP V10 SP2, we get to see this message frequently. We are just used with the old versions that we tend to forget this new control added effective V10 SP2. For those who aren’t aware of this message, this message appears whenever we try to modify the inventory account with PURCH distribution type in either receivings Transaction entry or Purchasing Invoice entry distribution windows.

Ok. What is the background of this message? The reason why the end user cannot change the PURCH type distribution account at the summary level is because Inventory is updated with the detail (the account per line Item) and General Ledger is updated with summary (the account at the summary level for the receipt). If the end user could change the account at the summary level, General Ledger would be updated with the account that was changed at the summary level and Inventory would be updated with account still assigned at the line Item level; therefore, you could NOT reconcile Inventory with the General Ledger. In order for Inventory to reconcile with the General Ledger, the PURCH type distribution account needs to be changed at the line Item level so both Inventory and General Ledger are being updated with the same account."

The workaround solution is to change the inventory account in Item Detail Entry window for each line item. Worst is that the same is the case for non-inventory items. There is no escape for an item being a non-inventory. This new control is hurting the clients rather than helping them. At least, this is what the feedback that I received from some of my select clients. Why this control curbs the ability to enter the distributions for non-inventory items which has no relevance to update the inventory and matching the same with GL, which is what I wonder about and the same is what my clients do argue with me.

My contention is simple. When we have the process to allow non-inventory items as well where you just don’t create them as items in Item master and just add non-IV on the fly, this is no way related to Inventory area. So, At least if an option does exist for Non-IV items to ignore this control or for the Inventory also, those clients who want this control will keep it and those who don’t they will not exercise this. Specially in any Global system, we should be controlling these types of things at the setup options level and not just make processes mandatory because each client uses the system in different ways according to their own processes.

I’m hoping a solution for this in the near future. Anyone are welcome to share their ideas on this issue.