CBM: Post Through PM

Of late, I’ve been working on Cashbook Bank Management module for a client. As part of the setup, I marked Post through Payables management and post through General Ledger as you can see in the below screenshot.


If you observe, the GL Posting date is set to pick up by Transaction. So, While testing the transaction flow of payments in CBM, everything was going fine until the posting of payment. After posting, when I got to see the Manual Payment Journal, I observed there is a work message that says below.

“Batch Information is invalid. This Transaction contains errors. It won't be posted” 

Then I went to see what’s the status in Payables Batch. The CBM batch that I just posted is again lying as a batch in Payables Batch. I tried posting the same and it posts fine without any errors. Now, its turn with GL Batch. Went to see if the GL posting has done at least. No, This is again standing as a batch in GL. Posting the same completed without any errors. This flow is the same for all transactions. Finally, went to Microsoft support inquiring on the status of this message. I just came to know that this is a known bug scheduled to be addressed in Compliance 2009 release expected in November 2009. The only workaround for this issue is to use the GL posting Date Batch option instead. For those who would want to know the specific bug details, Here is the information.

54193 --The "Post Through Payables Management" option at the checkbook level in the Bank Management Options window is ignored if you are using "GL Posting Date From Transaction" in CBM.