Downtime of MSDynamicsWire.com

Since yesterday evening we experienced serious issues with my portal www.msdynamicswire.com . The servers are hosted at www.hostnexus.com on a shared hosting plan. Unfortunately the service was a disaster. I have to literally communicate with them the whole day that resulted in no use. What I heard from them finally is that my site is taking away the bandwidth of their entire server after a 24 hours wait almost. Lot of my friends wrote to me asking for the reasons why the site was down. These are certain issues we experience when we go with a shared hosting provider. Then, I decided to call it a day with Hostnexus and immediately turned on to www.alurium.com that I heard from the people to be completely compatible with Coldfusion and much faster. We’re now in the process of migrating to the new host and we hope to be finally up and running by this evening or tomorrow early morning if things go well. I must thank my readers for their patience on this change.

UPDATE: Now the servers are up and running. (Added 09/25/2009)