FRx6.7 Service pack issue

Couple of days back, I was trying to apply service pack 9( to my current FRx installation which was at SP5. I have Analytical Accounting Add-in installed as well. I downloaded the SP9 from customer source that has AA Add-in. Ran the setup and it looked to be going smoothly until the below error surfaced in the end.

“ The form is not of a legal path” . When I click further it goes on to say below

image If I then go to Report Designer and try to open the same, I get Run-time error91. I have tried everything I could but it still remains the same. Then, came a great support from my favorite Dynamics GP partner forums, Greg Byer has ensured all he could do to help me get past the error. Initially, it was diagnosed that the error might be due to some DLL files not registering properly. So, I was guided to download a batch file from partnersource that is intended to tell us of any DLLs failing to register(KB 848210). However, this batch file looks to be more automated that we cannot see the errors in specific. Then, Greg has actually provided me with another batch file that actually goes and register each DLL and tell us anywhere if a specific DLL fails to register. I ran the batch file keeping the same in my FRx program folder, then I got to see each DLL getting registered while it was struck with this error in specific

“LoadLibrary (windows/system32/msxml4.dll) failed - A DLL initialization routine failed."

Then, I searched for msxml4.dll file in system32 folder, registered that file manually. Then went to see if I’m seeing the error again. No. It worked this time. Sometimes, when a particular DLL fails to register properly, We cannot easily identify which DLL is causing issue for us. However, possessing this batch file actually help us resolve the issue much faster. It’s quite handy. Anyone would want to get the file, Please e-mail me at my contact address. I’d be happy to share the same with you guys.