Facebook: Is it Reliable anymore

Facebook, World’s largest social networking site and the most popular brand best known to everyone of us. Then, Why is the question in the title whether it’s reliable anymore? May be or may not be. Recent developments happening with Facebook can scare anyone.  Have you ever ran into issues with your account held with any of the popular services like Yahoo, Google, Hotmail for more than 7 days and don’t know whether your account would ever be restored? Definitely Not. However, It is happening with Facebook, A social networking site with more than 300 million users. No one knows how many are affected yet. However, Many feel the numbers are quite heavy. I’m one among those unfortunate set of people whose accounts are hanging in uncertainty for more than 7 days. Initially We get to see a normal “Site maintenance error”. Later after the so called site maintenance started attracting media attention, we started seeing a little detailed message which goes like this


One can imagine the plight of those affected users when they get to see these messages being posted on Getsatisfaction.com. One of the messages goes on to say like this

I have no idea what is going on in my friends’/family’s life without being able to read Facebook Status updates. I did not realize this that this was my main means of “keeping in touch” with my loved ones. Through their status updates, I learned of job promotions, engagements, births and moves across the country.”

One can also have a look at this news article posted on Cnet News on the downed Facebook.

My account with Facebook is currently held at the fate of Facebook itself including the MSDynamicsWire group that I started a month ago. To get away from this Facebook frenzy, I now have created a network with SocialGo that can be reached at http://msdynamicswire.socialgo.com in order to keep myself and MSDynamicsWire.com  within the reach of Dynamics community. I’m happy with the features given by SocialGo and would expect the new network to rock in the future days, thanks to the support of my fellow community members. I thought this is the best way to get rid of the Facebook.