MSDynamicsWire Network is integrated with Twitter Sign-on

In order to provide the MSDynamicsWire readers a collaborative platform to exchange ideas, there is a Network that is started a week ago. Since MSDynamicsWire caters to all Dynamics products, the network is open for all people whose interest is Microsoft Dynamics. Since its inception, It is receiving good response from our Dynamics community, members base increasing from 0 to 120 within 5 days and lot of members coming forward with great ideas. My passion towards MS Dynamics keep me engaged in coming up with new ideas all the time and I continue to explore in that direction in future as well, thanks to the sustained support from our Dynamics community.

Keeping in view of the growing membership, I decided to give a charge to this new network in the form of bringing new features to it. Some of those new features introduced this week are as follows

  1. Video and Text Chat:. This will help members to communicate easily whenever they get to see other members online.
  2. New Theme: Network has a new theme now bringing new look and feel
  3. Twitter Connect: Now, this is the most powerful feature for the network to sign in using your Twitter ID itself. This means it is now more easy to sign up for MSDynamicsWire network. One can either sign up using the regular sign up form or using your Twitter account on our welcome page 
  4. Visitor Radar: Now, You can keep track of members visiting your profile in Visitor Radar available on your profile. This will help you to communicate with interested members.
  5. We have also made the News and Magazine tabs to public view to help the members writing good content on our network blog get more additional exposure.
  6. In future the network would be accessible on http://network.msdynamicswire.com.
    Currently, this is being tested on our end and We'll confirm the same once it is tested successfully.
  7. Profile Designer: Now, You can customize your profile using Profile designer
  8. Apart from above, there are several other features in pipeline like Facebook Connect. We'd publish the new developments as and when they happen on the network.
  9. One can invite their contacts by importing contacts from various web mails using Invite your contacts feature

More features like Facebook Connect and several others are planned for the upcoming weeks and these features would continue to be added in conjunction with growing membership and activity around the members.

For those who would like to know more about the network, they all are welcome to join the network as long as they are either directly or indirectly related to Microsoft Dynamics.

Link to MSDynamicsWire Network is http://msdynamicswire.socialgo.com. Please note that I’d be moving this to my principal domain after which the access to network address would be http://network.msdynamicswire.com.

Link to our main website is http://msdynamicswire.com