Nigel Frank Annual Salary Survey for MS Dynamics Professionals

Nigel Frank International, one of the biggest Microsoft Dynamics recruiters in Europe is conducting an annual salary survey of Microsoft Dynamics, an exercise of which is to be an annual occurrence. The survey will only take a couple of minutes to complete and your response and any personal details will be kept strictly confidential. The survey is available in the following languages for your convenience; English, German, French, Dutch, Danish, Spanish, Italian, Norwegian, and Finnish.

I feel this is a very good initiative and would definitely help MS Dynamics professionals in the form of knowing the latest salary trends by product as well as help fill any gaps in the average pay scales for a MS Dynamics Professional by Title and years of experience.

Why can’t we just spare 2 minutes of our valuable time in marking couple of questions on the survey? For those who would want to fill this survey and support the initiative, here is the link for survey