Fixed Assets Integration fails

Consider this scenario. You are implementing Dynamics GP Fixed Assets in your company. None of the Fixed Assets have been imported yet. You have ensured you did all your setups just perfect. Now, It’s turn to import your assets into Asset General window using Integration Manager. It can be handled using Integration Manager eConnect destination adapter for Fixed Assets. 

You have made sure you set your source files, relationships as well as mappings are all proper. Now, It’s time to run your integration so you hit your Run Integration button. For no mistake of yours, the integration fails returning this error below.

Microsoft.Dynamics.GP.eConnect: Number = 6625 Stored procedure taCreateAssetID : Description = unable to obtain the next FAINDEX.

What’s wrong with the integration? There is nothing wrong that you did during this  process except resorting to this workaround for getting away with this error.

Go to your Fixed Assets General window. Enter one Asset manually out there. Save the Asset record that you just created. Now, Come back to your integration that contains about 10000 assets (just kidding) to integrate. Run the integration. Voila! It integrated your 9999 assets in just a matter of couple of minutes time (Granted that you don’t have any other genuine errors in your integration)

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