Should We choose WSS or MOSS 2007

This is the most common question I get to hear from many customers as well as various forums discussing on Dynamics GP. I thought I’d put some information here for those who are uncertain about which way they should go, whether WSS or MOSS 2007.

1. If you want to install Business Portal, You can choose either Windows SharePoint services (WSS) or Microsoft Office SharePoint (MOSS) 2007. It works with both these services. However, It depends on other factors also as given in below lines.

2. Within Business Portal, If you are looking to have the Search site functionality, then you would need MOSS 2007

3. If you want the Workflows for Dynamics GP besides Business Portal, you’d need MOSS 2007. Remember that Business Portal is not a pre-requisite to installing Workflows as both of them work independent to each other.

4. If you require Field Services suite within Business Portal, then you should be looking at MOSS 2007

5. If you choose MOSS 2007, then the prerequisite to Business Portal would be to install Web services for Dynamics GP. Web services work with Business Data catalog (BDC) functionality to create dashboards that do not exist in BP on WSS 3.0

6. There is a difference in terms of navigation in BP by choosing between WSS 3.0 and MOSS 2007. When installed using MOSS 2007, Business Portal chooses Collaboration portal site template which includes Report center and Search Sites.

7. If you are just looking to have Requisition Management in Business Portal, then you’d just need WSS 3.0 with BP installed. This is another question I get most times with people getting confused with assuming Requisition Management Approvals require Workflows. Requisition Management Approval hierarchy is part of the standard BP functionality and not part of Dynamics GP Workflows functionality.

To know about the distinction between WSS and MOSS, Visit this link.