Dynamics GP Blogs Analytics 2009


So, We are almost coming close to our Dynamics GP Year-End Process (In other words, Dynamics GP Blogs Year-end). Very recently, Bing has released 2009 Top Searches followed by Yahoo and Google. Following their path, Here are certain numbers for Dynamics GP as well. Just kidding!  I just thought to analyze how much contribution from our prime time bloggers on Dynamics GP is going into the community as a whole. One major objective of doing this exercise is to help Dynamics GP customers in specific realize as to how many resources they do have surrounding Dynamics GP community, specially how much they can extract from Dynamics GP Blogs in specific. I didn’t want to go beyond 2009 as it would cost me more time and so restricted to 2009 numbers. Secondly, Certain Blogs do not have Archives with numbers tagged so I have to skip them. So, Let’s go straight to the numbers.

I considered 15 blogs in total and have to skip around 5+ blogs. I’d say there are about 20 blogs which are most active on Dynamics GP out of which I’m presenting here for 5 blogs. There are almost 1842 posts covered through these 15 blogs on the chart for the year 2009. Out of which, Majority chunk coming from Mark Polino Blog which accounts for 657 posts. Mark has been so kind to refer other community members posts regularly apart from posting his own tips and weekly posts which are primarily attributable to these numbers. Then comes to Developing for Dynamics GP with 217, followed by Dynamics GP Blogster and so on. So, Guys, You have about 1842 posts to gain knowledge from. Out of these blogs, I’d say the highest number of posts with videos come from Rose Business Solutions which is a good resource to refer to for quick tuitorials.

Apart from the Blogs, Dynamics GP Newsgroup has about 13750 messages posted in 2009 while it is 1752 messages in Dynamics GP Google Group. (Source: Google Groups) Dynamics GP partner Forum has about 2143 threads with 12063 messages to read from though this is not available to customers. I didn’t consider the posts in Dynamics GP Developer newsgroup though.