Dynamics GP Requisition Management Integration With MOSS 2007

Recently I responded to a thread on Dynamics GP Community forum pertaining to the subject in the title of this post. I thought I place the Q&A in this post since it might be helpful for others when they come across the same questions.

Q. Do we need to have Business Portal installed to integrate Requisition Management with MOSS 2007?

A. Requisition Management is part of Business Portal and not exactly part of MOSS 2007 or no integration for that matter. Business Portal itself requires either MOSS or WSS.

Q. Does Business Portal must be installed for us to use the Requisition Management module?

A. Yes. Because Requisition Management is a module that is part of Business Portal and not a stand alone product by itself

Q. When BP is installed, I assume it asks for the URL/ Server where our MOSS environment lives, does it then create a site within our MOSS site collection, so it appears seamless to the end user?

A. Basically If you have MOSS installed, First you need to install Web services for Dynamics GP before installing BP. If you are installing BP on WSS, Web services are not required. For BP, In MOSS, you'd first need to create a Web Application and choose Collaboration Team template. Then, When you start installing BP, First you'd need to provide the URL for your web services and then it asks for URL where BP is supposed to be installed. So,It doesn’t create a web application in MOSS by itself first you have to create it in MOSS, then when you come back to BP installation, You'd see the web application you created in the drop down to choose from.

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