Invoice Management System for Dynamics GP simplified with IDS


I get requests from most of our clients, especially from clients in Distribution sector for simplifying their invoice Management process in Sales Order Processing for Dynamics GP. The other common request I get is to simplify the process of Customer Statements delivery as well as ability to provide them with flexible formats. On my look out for a solution that addresses these challenges in the most efficient manner and at ease, Microsoft Solution Finder did help me to identify a right solution for this, IDS for Dynamics GP. I thought I’d share about this product with my readers as well that would rightly help us meet our client requirements. Some of the key features as I could see from the solution when I downloaded and tried the demo

  1. Electronic Delivery of Invoices and Statements
  2. Have flexibility to send Invoices and Customer statements through several combinations like printing, e-mailing, faxing.
  3. Invoices and Statements Archiving that helps us save the paper a lot.
  4. Another good feature is ability to consolidate multiple invoices for delivery into a single transmission with a single file.
  5. Customer Contact Management simplified
  6. Ability to have multiple templates for invoices and statements
  7. Tracking user activity as to how many invoices or statements generated by each user.


More Screenshots are available here.

Among all, one great feature that I like the most is the flexibility to have our own custom invoices and statement templates defined which is most common stuff for us here.Especially Invoices Delivery Management is great to have to simplify the invoice management process. Moreover, The solution is a Microsoft Certified Solution. I tried the product downloading a Demo copy from the website and I should say it’s awesome. I can very much meet my client additional requirements in SOP using this add-in without taking time to customize myself. Just plug-in the application and We’re good to go.

More information can be found on this Add-in for Dynamics GP here.