GPWindow.com: Wonderful Resource

I got to look at this wonderful site this morning www.gpwindow.com while trying to catch up myself to the latest developments in our GP blogging community of late. I must admit I’m very proud of my good friend Jivtesh work on the basic idea of this site and how it is structured to be a one-stop K-base for Dynamics GP resource shoppers. I must say it’s a GP shop with an exhaustive list of items that are available free of cost:). I always like the idea of “aggregation” of data and I personally know how tough it is to aggregate and present the consolidated data in a user friendly formats and structures.

It’s not an easy task to build a database like this specially segment like Dynamics GP which requires subject specific expertise in organizing data.

Jivtesh! Great Effort and Congrats on your great work. Keep going! I’ve already bookmarked the site under my favorites!

Jivtesh has given us a user’s guide for us on how to follow this site. Read here.