Restrict User Access to Dynamics GP during Maintenance

In SQL server, We have an option to restrict databases to single, restricted user or multi users. When we want all users to connect to database, the status would be Multi_User. In case we have a maintenance plan and expect the other users not log into the database under maintenance, We can set the database to Restricted user or Single user mode.


Restricted user mode allows connections to SQL server through any user ID which is a member of dbcreator, db_owner or sysadmin roles. In other words, Users like “sa” can log into the database and continue with maintenance activities.

I tried to test this option on Dynamics GP Application databases and It seems to work perfect in my tests. I find this useful when I have to do some maintenance routines and do not expect the users to be logged into the application while the maintenance is still on. Once my maintenance routine is complete, I can reset the status to Multi_user mode which then enables connections to Dynamics GP databases.

If we need to restrict users access to Dynamics GP completely including all companies, We can set the restricted user mode on all databases and if we want to restrict access to any particular company, We can always set the database in question to Restricted user mode.

To set the status of databases, We have two options.

1. Through SSMS or

2. Through a Query in SSMS

Through SSMS to set the status,  Right click the database, click properties and click options.


A message pops up to disconnect any open connections apart from SSMS and click yes to it


Prior to this exercise, Make sure your users are all logged out. Once the maintenance is done, come back to the same screen and set the status back to Multi User.

Would expect some feedback from our community just to make sure there is no added risk doing this as i haven’t yet applied this anywhere before.

Note: This is for informative purposes only and do not apply it without proper backups in a production environment. Also Please do not change the status while other users are logged into Dynamics GP and this would adversely affect their active GP session immediately.