Name one thing in GP that really sucks

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An interesting question. Isn’t it? I borrowed this Q&A from LinkedIn Group Microsoft Dynamics GPS User Group. The dialogue is initiated by Ian Stewart, Dynamics GP expert and there are pretty interesting submissions by users. This is some kind of raw data that is vital and critical to Microsoft in fine tuning its product upgrades. Because, User feedback is the top most source for the success of any product. I’d say the end users are the actual testers of any application.

Key submissions by the users for the question above are summarized below

  1. Payroll is not fun for one user though she doesn’t go into much detail as to why it is the case
  2. Contract Management as they relate to RMAs’ is not fun  to another user.
  3. One user doesn’t like the ‘save changes’ dialog boxes function through Dynamics GP.
  4. Another user feels it frustrating since V2 that he cannot pick the printer on the fly. Though Named printers can be an alternative, yet.
  5. Another user says Inventory Turns report doesn’t calculate correctly.

In my experience, I have seen most clients ask me two common features

  1. Change the Font of the entire GP bigger including the forms and reports
  2. Text reports replaced by Graphical reports.

Visit the original source here. Credits to Ian Stewart from Genesys Financial System Ltd. for the post.