How to remove requisitions from Business Portal

Purchase Request Details

Consider this scenario of your development environment for Dynamics GP Requisition Management in Business Portal before deploying the production environment. What if you would want to remove all requisitions?

Here is one easy method to accomplish the same. Deleting data from tables is not always the wise choice though.

Requisition Management tables are stored in DYNAMICS database. Here are the tables where it holds requisition transactional data. Keep a backup of DYNAMICS Database first and then run a DELETE statement on these tables below to delete the complete data.

    1. ReqMgmtDocument – This holds the Requisition header data
    2. ReqMgmtLines- This holds the Requisition line items detail
    3. ReqMgmtOpenTasks- This holds list of requisitions waiting on for approval
    4. ReqMgmtAuditHistoryDocument-This holds complete history of the requisitions Header
    5. ReqMgmtAuditHistoryLines- This holds requisitions line item history

After this, We can reset the Next Requisition number in Company settings of Business Portal. (Image courtesy: Templetonsolutions Blog)