Requisition Management–Roadmap

I’d say this is a million dollar question when some one asks me when Requisition Management module for Dynamics GP gets a feature pack. Unlike Dynamics GP which gets frequent upgrades through various feature and service packs, this specific module within Business Portal looks to be completely kept in the dark. Microsoft is also tight lipped when I queried on the same in several forums on various feature requirements in this one module.

In one of his articles, Mariano presented a nice graphic of Dynamics GP roadmap, if my memory is good enough. I tried my level best searching one for Requisition Management or Business portal, I had a hard luck in getting it. Probably it doesn’t exist either or not available on the public internet.

So, What is this module lacking in terms of features? I highlighted certain requirements in my earlier post titled Requisition Management – Enhancements When?. Adding to these requirements, there comes several other requests from various clients lined up  for many partners, if I’m not wrong.

I do not go into each one of those requirements and rather restrict this post with one critical requirement which is integration with project accounting module of Dynamics GP. So What’s the issue with this? Let’s look at it.


Requisition Management module does not support Dynamics GP Project Accounting module. Period. When Project Accounting module is installed within Dynamics GP, Purchase order entry screen uses Project Number and Cost category fields in PO Line item fields. We all know that we can easily convert the requisitions to purchase orders with a single click of a button. However, when a requisition is converted to a PO where PA is installed, immediately Project number and cost category fields are greyed out. System doesn’t even allow you to enter these fields manually also.


How is it justified when PA is a module within Dynamics GP, Yet, the Requisition Management module doesn’t support creation of POs’ when PA is activated? Just for the sake of two additional fields, Should we forgo the entire Requisition management module or for the sake of requisitions, should we forgo PA module itself?

Requisition Management is a smart development where you see several features available within the module and the flexibility in terms of implementation and ease of use. However, limitations like these pose a threat which has to be addressed by Microsoft.

For those looking to have these features, don’t forget we have a some third party ISV developed products available in the market addressing these issues and that comes with added functionality.

To conclude this post, It’d be highly appreciated if Microsoft Product development team comes out with a specific roadmap on this module in specific. This module is long due for enhancement of its features.