Microsoft: Are You Listening?

Are you listening and doing something positive on Jennifer Kuntz? One could understand how much pain and frustration she had when you see her blog post taking a lot time in detailing her horrible experience with Dynamics GP Technical Support and her time in writing a comment on my blog post stressing further that no one yet has even contacted her.

I’m posting her comments to my post on this here for the sake of readers.

You are correct, I have not posted an update, the issue continues to be unresolved.I received an email shortly after I posted (unrelated, just a coincidence) further explaining that they will escalate the case I opened up since everyone seems confused on how to fix the Partner source website (it’s not Ops, it’s not VOICE, hmmm). I got the usual survey request after the case was closed as well where I indicated my displeasure – and that resulted in an email from Microsoft yesterday to me (“I noticed we were unable to meet your expectations”….) and asked if I was still having the issue and of course, yes, it’s still an issue.The thing that boggles my mind is the horrendous communication – there is no one communicating with me outside of these two emails lately about the status. Shocking really!