Smart Search: Google for Dynamics GP

I did not test this product yet as I do not have one copy because Matt Landis at Dynamics Small Business (Landis Computers) is offering a free copy exclusive to partners at the convergence event and I’m not there at the event physically though I’m virtually present following the lovely updates, thanks to Twitterati.

My first reaction when I saw Matt post on his blog on this smart product was speechless. I don’t know if he is using Google search for real but I’d say it outsmarts the Google search engine at least for retrieving Dynamics GP records.

Ok. For those who didn’t get a chance to look at this smart search, I’d provide a brief introduction. Smart search for GP is an enhancement add in developed by Landis Computers (Dynamics Small Business) that will allow you do a search (smart search) for any keyword and get the results from all the GP modules with nicely organized tabs. As Matt tells us on his blog, the records are returned within a bit of seconds for a sizeable data.

Now, Let me justify why I’m so enthused and surprised at this. Microsoft offers Office SharePoint with Search capabilities and there is a Dynamics GP extension to this search center. However Office SharePoint comes with a price as it is not offered free unlike SharePoint foundation 2010 and the deployment is a little tricky and complex. Unlike Office SharePoint, We now have this product that can achieve the same for us. Moreover, another cool feature within this Smart search that I observed is the ability to drill back to the GP window from the search results.

Matt has posted a nice 1 minute video with a live demo of the product. I’m giving the video link  here.

Those at the convergence event must be lucky to get a glimpse of this cool add in and even a chance to win this over. I hope matt understands that I’m thousands miles away from the event but would definitely send one copy to me.

Just to conclude, I ‘d say to Matt, Great Job. Don’t forget to read Matt’s write up on this cool add in on his blog. Follow the link here to read more about this add in.