Dynamics GP MVPs’– Missing the List

The current MVPs’ of Dynamics GP are definitely the most deserving professionals and credits shall be given to the MVP selection committee. However, I feel there are other deserving professionals left out of the list. The people that comes to my mind who should be on this list but left out are

1. Steve Chapman from Rose Business Solutions

2. Christina Philips from BKD Technologies

I find the videos of Steve Chapman on You Tube to be an invaluable contribution to the dynamics GP community as a whole. I like his presentation of those videos and the amount of knowledge that is hidden in his videos. Till date, Only two people I’d say are the most active contributors to You Tube videos for Dynamics GP. One is Steve Chapman on Rose Business Solutions Channel and the other is Mark Polino. I don’t need to say anything much about Mark other than that he is just great and outstanding in his contribution to Dynamics GP community. Personally, I’m influenced by the videos of Steve and in fact I’m just starting to learn creating videos. Needless to say, I could understand the pain and amount of time it takes to create one video.

Christina Philips articles on her blog are straight to the point. I like her selection of articles for writing. I find her articles interesting and unique in subject. She has been writing for several years on Dynamics GP.

I personally don’t know what criteria is set by MVP selection panel but definitely these are two experts missing off the list for their respective contributions.

There are lot other professionals doing their best to the community, I’d mention in my other upcoming articles.