Top 100 Most Influential People in Microsoft Dynamics: My Take

I haven’t talked about the Dynamics world Most influential Top 100 list until now. I have seen so much talk around Microsoft dynamics blogosphere earlier in terms of seeking votes for their nominations put up on the list. Seriously, I do not know the tools and techniques deployed to measure the influence of these nominations. First, I’d give full credit to the Dynamics world team.

I was interested in looking at their selection criteria for a moment because the final list in itself made me think deeply on it.

The selection criteria, to quote from the Dynamics world website “ We base our selections on a number of criteria including: Number of nominations received; Number of Microsoft Dynamics employees employed; Number of clients your ISV/VAR has; As an end user how many user licenses taken; Social Media Followers (bloggers/twitter/ LinkedIn) (bonuses for group owners); Number of years experience of Microsoft Dynamics; MVP Recipients; Developers of Add-Ons and new verticals; Speakers and writers about Microsoft Dynamics; Forum contributors and Number of votes received. We attempt to limit what can actually be described as a sphere of influence. The advantage that we have had in quantifying influence in Microsoft Dynamics is that we are dealing with a group of people with similar interests, and so it is possible to be able to quantify one persons influence over the group against another person’s influence.”

Let us look at the criteria of number of Microsoft dynamics employees employed.

This means the person has to be necessarily a owner of the business, essentially a Microsoft Dynamics Partner or Microsoft itself. If this is the case, What about other influential people who contribute sleepless to the dynamics community not necessarily the owners of the business. OK but again this can well be defeated by stating that this is one of whole criterion.I think based on this criteria, Mr.Steve Ballmer shall stand first in the crowd as he directly or indirectly runs the Microsoft Dynamics which is an integral part of Microsoft. But Mr.Ballmer is in Top 41 position surprisingly. Moreover, If we ask who is the top most influential among all, I’d say it must be none other than Mr.Steve Ballmer himself because he can influence the Microsoft Dynamics division than anyone else so seeing others ahead of him is something that is really surprising and strange. When I looked at the list, the other thing that disappointed me is not to find my personal favorites or for that matter the whole Dynamics GP community favorite, David Musgrave.

Having said that I must appreciate the Dynamics world for launching such a campaign that was much talked about for a while. I think they can look ahead to start giving some labels or badges for the winners or some cash prizes so that the campaign will get more awareness in the coming years. In fact as I write this, I can see that Dynamics world is busy with another campaign on social media. Good Luck to them.