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google_plusGoogle + is yet another tool for collaboration and an innovative platform in Social networking space. I liked the idea behind Google + though I disliked both Google Buzz and Google Wave. Having said that, Google + has a long way to go and it is still a just born but growing faster. I created a comparison chart of Google + and Facebook with my knowledge and understanding on both tools. it is for you to review and let me know if you find any mistakes in the chart or any additions. For those who aren’t aware of what Google + is all about, this comparison chart can be a starter as almost everyone knows how Facebook works.

Comparison Chart of Facebook and Google +

SNo Facebook Google +
1 Lists Circles
2 Friends Friends
3 Facebook Chat Google Talk
4 Facebook Video Chat Google Video Talk
5 List based Video Calls (groups) Hangout with Circles or specific Invitees
6 Assigning Lists to friends little complex Drag & Drop
7 Facebook Wall Stream
8 Privacy of Posts little complex to assign to specific lists very easy to select
9 Apps Integration – Strong Not Much
10 Sharing Options – Too Many Very Limited
11 Auto Post to Twitter or Vice Versa – Easy with existing Apps Not Yet Available but A workaround is available
12 Facebook pages No Pages
13 Facebook Groups No Groups though Google Groups exist but yet to be integrated to Google +
14 Facebook E-Mail Gmail
15 Facebook Notifications Google + Notifications
16 Facebook Photos Picasa Albums Integrated with Google +
17 Facebook Apps for Mobile Google + official App for Android
18 Upload and Share Videos Upload and Share Videos

Remember that Google+ is still in Beta stage so the above comparison will change over time.

Among all, I liked the Hangout feature in Google + that I feel can be effectively utilized for business collaboration. How I’m using it professionally besides personal use. In Google + I created various circles like Family, Friends, Colleagues so on. Apart from these personalized circles, I created circle called Dynamics GP where I intend to add all my Dynamics GP community contacts in one space so that I can share GP related updates with the community.

Here is the invitation to join me on Google +. If You wish to sign up for Google +, You can just follow this link.

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