Microsoft Dynamics Knowledgebase is no more a private Affair?

Yes. You read it correct. Those articles that were hidden behind the Microsoft Dynamics Partner source or Customer source SSL security wall have broken the wall it seems, thanks to Microsoft Support center. However, It is not 100% yet but there are significant numbers available on Microsoft public support. There are still lot of KB resources inside this great wall of Microsoft Windows Live secure access. It looks like this initiative is part of a  broad Microsoft Dynamics product strategy that is aiming at providing the customers with more free resources of information thereby creating a renewed confidence in the products that already exist with many but to increase it further.

It was a long debate in Dynamics community as to why the articles should be locked inside the Partner source or customer source while the other Microsoft support articles are available in public domain. I think this initiative was first started by Microsoft Dynamics AX team which was later taken by other products team, Dynamics CRM then followed by Dynamics GP.

However, We still need to access the Partner source or customer source for downloading any SQL Scripts or download product related updates.

Few Examples of Articles available on Microsoft Support which was earlier on Partner source




So How do we go and search for these articles on Microsoft support.

1. Go to Support.Microsoft.com

2. You’ll see a Bing search option above the site at extreme right


3. Enter the Keyword and make sure to tick only search Microsoft support


4. See the articles applicable to you.