Social Media Influence on Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft Dynamics Community is doing its best to show its strong presence in Social media. In this article, I restrict my research to the usage of Twitter. When I say Microsoft Dynamics Community, it stands for the whole community of users, partners, official dynamics community and so on and not just the official Dynamics community.

I did a small research to find out how many tweets contain the mention of Microsoft Dynamics in particular. Here is the total count of Tweets containing specific keywords related to Microsoft Dynamics.

                                   Timeline Microsoft Dynamics Dynamics GP Dynamics AX Dynamics CRM #MSDYNGP #MSDYNAX #MSDYNCRM #CRM2011

Past 7 Days









Past 30 Days









All time









Note that there might be duplicates and several combinations might exist such that different keywords might be used in the same tweet so the number will not be that accurate except to show us a trend. Please note that the data is collected from available sources on net and hence may be accurate or not accurate.

When we compare the above figures to any benchmark the figures are so low which reveals the fact that the social media influence on Microsoft Dynamics product is low.

In a world where there is a solid penetration into Social media ignoring these trends will only be a mistake for any corporate indicating that we have some lessons to be learned here. Having said that, I must appreciate the social media drive initiated by the official Microsoft Dynamics Community (#MSDYNCOMM) playing a vital role in the Social Media through variety of sources like You Tube Video Channel, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and so on.

We live in a world where we have stiff but healthy competition between partners of the same product family but must not ignore the brand as a whole that positioning Microsoft Dynamics as a brand against other industry products is vital. Attaining customer satisfaction through enhancing the product functionality and meeting the customer needs on one hand will help the positioning of brand while on the other hand, positioning brand in marketplace through various campaigns like social media marketing is a MUST.

There are a lot of official and unofficial Microsoft Dynamics social media channels at your disposal but not effectively utilized by the community yet. We must ensure these channels are utilized to the maximum levels to extend the reach, increase demand and become much closer to your customers.

There are some official hash tags recommended for twitter usage. Tagging with uniformity and one language ensures the message reaches everyone following the Microsoft Dynamics thereby providing maximum reach for your messages.

  • #MSDYNCRM – Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • #CRM2011 – Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011
  • #MSDYNERP – Microsoft Dynamics ERP
  • #MSDYNAX and #AX2012 – Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012
  • #MSDYNSL – Microsoft Dynamics SL
  • #MSDYNNAV – Microsoft Dynamics NAV
  • #MSDYNGP – Microsoft Dynamics GP
  • #MSDYNCOMM – Microsoft Dynamics Community
  • #CONV11 – Microsoft Dynamics Convergence 2011

I will try to cover the available resources in other social media networking sites like Facebook, You tube so on in other articles.

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