Why the Cash Receipts are not showing up in Project

In Project Accounting, A user complained that whenever she is saving or posting the cash receipts and applying the same to a specific project is not updating the Receipts in Project Maintenance window (Project=>Cards=>Project). I'll try to put the resolution on this specific case.


"Whenever we post Cash Receipts in Receivables Module, it is not updating the Receipts field in Project Maintenance Window, though it wasn't the case before"


For Project Accounting Module, GP uses a set of Alternate windows (Administration => Setup => Alternate / Modified Windows and Reports =>Product => Project Accounting =>Type => Windows) in various modules, one of which is Receivables Module. In Receivables module, we have Alternate windows for Cash Receipts, Apply Sales Documents window apart from other windows. Failing to mark these alternate windows in Project Accounting will result in the Cash Receipts not showing up in Receipts under Project Maintenance window.

So, By any chance if the windows are set to use the Microsoft Dynamics GP instead of project Accounting, the Cash Receipts once applied to a specific project will not show up on the Receipts in Project Maitenance window even after posting the receipt.

System Administrator has to be wary of this setting. This is applicable even for other versions.

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