Send To: Mail Recipient (PDF) grayed out

This is again an issue I get to see in many client places where the users complain they see the Send to Mail Recipient(PDF) grayed out. If Adobe Acrobat writer is installed and the same is still grayed out on all workstations, the resolution is already outlined in KB Article 852539. However, If the Adobe Acrobat writer is not installed and a different PDF writer like BCL EasyPDF , the Send To: Mail Recipient (PDF) grays out because this option works only when Adobe Acrobat writer is installed and Dexterity won’t entertain any other PDF writer except Adobe. One thing that is noteworthy is Printing to PDF still works with any PDF writer be it Adobe, BCL EasyPDF and so on.

Most users complain why this is the case and even blame Microsoft for this. However, end of the day, it is the fact that remains. In one of the Newsgroups threads, I’ve seen interesting discussion that went on with regard to this and Patrick from Microsoft Developer Support has provided a genuine and highly convincing reply as to this limitation.Part of his reply goes on to say

”Which free pdf writer would you prefer? Can you guarantee that in a year that it will still be available? Does this pdf engine have the ability to basically notify the caller that it's finished so Dexterity can pick up the file and attach it to the email? From what I understand, getting Dexterity the ability to use the PDF Distiller from Adobe was quite difficult (not to "print" to it of course since it is just a "Printer") to get and hook up to the email. While I can totally see why being able to use a free pdf engine is a "good thing" - nothing beats free - I doubt it is a simple as you suspect. And then to make it work with "any" pdf writer would seem a bit unlikely- you'd have to pick a few different ones at best. And then you'd have people crying foul about Microsoft getting with certain providers of these PDF writers and so on and so on”

For a complete thread, visit this link.

The good news is Dynamics GP V11 will allow you to produce PDF and XPS documents without the need of Adobe Acrobat or any other PDF writer just like MS word 2007 does today, Mariano Gomez cites the reference of presentation on Microsoft Virtual Convergence in Dynamics GP partner Forums thread.