Dynamics GP Blog Carnival – I

In the first week of August, I made a new initiative of announcing the Blog Carnival that will be published on September 3rd 2009. As I stated in that post, the idea is to effectively bring various interesting articles from bloggers blogging on MS Dynamics GP in Blog carnivals format. Unfortunately, I didn’t receive a single submission from anyone in the Dynamics GP Blog Network except few submissions that are irrelevant to Dynamics GP subject. Probably, not everyone understood it right or the original post making the announcement for submissions lost enough visibility. In order to keep this idea alive, I’m going ahead publishing this carnival choosing the articles from Dynamics GP Blogs network myself. Here is the Dynamics GP Blog Carnival – I dedicated to all of my blog readers.

I’m starting this Blog Carnival–I by picking up the article from Developing for DynamicsGP authored by David Musgrave. David provides us a brief but interesting information about the Smartlist Alternate lookup windows versus Dynamics GP original lookup windows. Here is his article Why do my Lookup windows look different.

The Dynamics GP Blogster, Blog authored by MVP Mariano Gomez. Mariano presents a valuable tip for Dynamics GP Developers in his post. He talks about how Dexterity can be enhanced to allow long physical names. Do not want to wait further reading this interesting tip? Here you go, Mariano Gomez’s Dex – Enabling Long physical table names.

Dynamicscare Blog maintained by I.B.I.S. In this blog, Gerhard Venter talks about the Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services text boxes issue and how to get past the issue. Interesting piece of information for Dynamics GP readers working on SSRS specifically. Here is the feast for you guys. Gerhard Venter’s What to do when Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services text boxes refuse to get into line.

Next comes the Rose Business Solutions Blog, multiple authors writing interesting stuff on Dynamics GP. For this Carnival, I’m picking up a latest article written by Doug Pitcher on the effective need to back up the databases prior to processing payroll. His article made me think about how PEOs’ and HROs’ who use Dynamics GP Payroll to process several thousands of Pay checks and quite huge number of pay runs every day. It becomes a heavy task for them if backing up database for every pay run is necessary.Here is Doug’s article Should you backup your database before processing payroll?

About Dynamics, Development and Life, authored by Jivtesh. Jivtesh is not quite active on his blog, yet, he comes with a great post describing the FRx – Rebuild GL Index Option – The why and how article published recently.

MVP Frank Hamelly who writes heavily on Dynamics GP in his gp2themax blog, comes again with a Daily Tips series. I’m publishing his first daily tip changing currency decimals on inventory Items. Guys, continue to check his blog for other daily tips.

Janakiram M.P. (It’s me!) blogs on DynamicsBlogger exclusively on Dynamics GP stuff. I have written SCM Metrics II – ABC Analysis worth reading for you. Don’t forget to check other articles out there only for you.

MVP Victoria Yudin blogs on her victoriayudin blog. She is well known for her SQL scripts tips and reports tips. In this carnival, I’m picking up her latest SQL view for all posted GL Transactions in Dynamics GP article that will helps us all.

Do you want to reset your system password in Dynamics GP? Here is an interesting tip coming from Steve who blogs on VSTools Forum blog. Check out his tip yourselves in this article Need to reset the System password in Dynamics GP.
Vaidyanathan who blogs on Dynamics GP in his Dynamics GP – Learn & Discuss Blog, written an article on the importance of a source code control program. Check out his article at Importance of a source code control program.

Gloria Braunschweig who blogs on Dynamics GP on her Computeration Dynamics blog presents us with the GL Journal Types article that explains various Journal types. Interesting piece here comes for you Use Journal Types to your advantage.

Have you ever got to see Dynamics GP Security console error while adding users to Dynamics GP web services security console? If yes, you might want to check DynamicsGeek blog authored by John Limey Bastow in his Dynamics GP Security Console Error - “Access is denied. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80070005 (E_ACCESSDENIED))”.

Christina Philips and Steve Endow together blogs on Dynamics GP Land blog bringing outstanding articles on Dynamics GP. In a latest post, Christina talks about simplifying Sales Tax in her article Sales Tax Simplified.

Have you been getting Invalid Object Names errors of late in Business Portal? Here comes the answers from Ian Stewart’s DynamicsGP.ie blog post Business Portal – Invalid Object Name errors.

Dwight Specht and Curtis Beebe blog on managing a Microsoft Consultancy in their The Death of Reason Blog.In their latest series of articles, Dwight talks about evaluating consulting staff in his article Evaluation of Consulting Staff.

MVP Mohammad Daoud blogging on his blog brings a helpful article on Analytical Accounting error: Cannot insert duplicate key in object ‘dbo.AAGXXXXX’.

Steve from Meritsolutions blogs on Dynamics GP in his meritsolutons blog. In a latest series of articles, Steve talks about Costing in Dynamics GP10: Standard Vs.Actual Costing.

Inside Microsoft Dynamics GP Blog brings us Do you know series every week. In this week, AndyW has come out with Week 11: Do you Know? Series of the Week article about new report functionality introduced in Dynamics GP10. Also check out all past weeks articles filed under this link.

DynamicAccounting.net maintained by Mark Polino brings a tip about speeding up Receivables Aging process in his weekly Dynamics series. Here comes the tip in his article Weekly Dynamic: Speed Up the Receivables Aging Process.

Eric Greathouse is writing a series of articles on Multicurrency setup in Dynamics GP on Dynamics Solution Edge Blog. Go check out his nice piece of information in his latest article Multicurrency Setup in Microsoft Dynamics GP - continued -

Are you looking for replace SAGE MAS90/200 with Dynamics GP? Kimberly Kohlhepp from SBS group writes about Top 5 reasons to migrate to Dynamics GP in erpsoftwareblog. Check out his article Replace SAGE MAS90/200 with Dynamics GP.

If your position in IT department requires you to find and maintain Dynamics GP vendor, consultant or business partner, Here is a great piece of information from CenturyFive.Net blog written Andrew Karasev coming in for you in this article. DynamicsGpTechnicalSupport:LocalVersusRemoteGreatPlains.

We now came to the end of Dynamics GP Blog Carnival-I. Hope you enjoyed reading all the articles in this carnival. I’m scheduling the next Dynamics Blog Carnival-II for October 2nd 2009. Taking this opportunity, I’d like to bring your attention that Dynamics GP Blogs articles are available on Twitter at DynamicsBlogger.