Windows 7 Market share on the rise

Probably this is not a surprise to most of us who are on Windows 7 already. For those who haven’t, Wake up. Windows 7 is fast to capture the global market share within a very short period of time and continuing to improve further. For more information, Refer to this blog post



MSDynamicsWire Network integrated with Facebook Connect

MSDynamicsWire network, An exclusive network for Microsoft Dynamics professionals and companies to collaborate on Microsoft Dynamics opportunities has now got another exciting feature to its members. A month ago, the network is integrated with Twitter to enable the members sign in using their Twitter accounts. Now, The sign up process is made much flexible giving the opportunity to sign up using your facebook account as well. Facebook connect is now integrated to MSDynamicsWire network using the Facebook API framework.


MSDynamicsWire network is a steadily growing its membership base. The current membership base is 190+. As the membership continues to grow, We’d continue to bring loads of new features to the network for the members to gain from. For more information, Visit MSDynamicsWire Network.


FRx Transaction Detail codes for Dynamics GP

Following are the list of FRx Transaction Detail codes that work with Dynamics GP

• TSDESC (Transaction Description) ---will pull the Dynamics transaction description field (Don’t use this code if a description should appear in the DESC column)
• TJDESC (Journal – or batch header – Description) --- will pull the Dynamics batch name for unposted transactions or the originating source for posted transactions
• TAPL (Transaction Apply Date) --- will pull the Dynamics transaction date field
• TDOC (Source Document – Doc #) --- will pull the Dynamics source document field
• TSDOC (Original Source Doc – ex. Invoice) --- will pull the Dynamics originating document number field
• TREF (Reference Code) --- will pull the Dynamics transaction reference field
• TTYP (Transaction Type) --- will pull the Great Plains transaction type (standard or reversing)
• TSID (Source ID – Module, Journal Code, etc) --- will pull the Great Plains transaction source code field
• TBAT (Batch Code) --- will pull the Great Plains general ledger batch number field
• TCUR (Currency Code) --- will pull the Great Plains currency ID field
• TCURX (Currency Exchange Rate) --- will pull the Great Plains currency exchange rate field

Source: Dynamics GP Partner forum Thread, Credit to Cory Severson

Excel Report Builder: “Wrong number of arguments to replace text”

Recently, I saw this question on Dynamics GP Partner Forum. Background of this issue is that the client is having latest Excel Report Builder with Dynamics GP  service pack 4. Whenever they try to publish the Excel Report. Luckily, I could find the Blog post published by David Musgrave little while ago when the SP4 was released and pointed the client to that post. However, the resolution to this issue is a temporary workaround and it is still listed as a Hot Topic currently which is why it wasn’t posted into KB Articles yet, I guess. To resolve this issue, I’d point you too to David Post on this. Here you go

Wrong number of arguments to 'Replace_Text' Error after v10.0 SP4

Should We choose WSS or MOSS 2007

This is the most common question I get to hear from many customers as well as various forums discussing on Dynamics GP. I thought I’d put some information here for those who are uncertain about which way they should go, whether WSS or MOSS 2007.

1. If you want to install Business Portal, You can choose either Windows SharePoint services (WSS) or Microsoft Office SharePoint (MOSS) 2007. It works with both these services. However, It depends on other factors also as given in below lines.

2. Within Business Portal, If you are looking to have the Search site functionality, then you would need MOSS 2007

3. If you want the Workflows for Dynamics GP besides Business Portal, you’d need MOSS 2007. Remember that Business Portal is not a pre-requisite to installing Workflows as both of them work independent to each other.

4. If you require Field Services suite within Business Portal, then you should be looking at MOSS 2007

5. If you choose MOSS 2007, then the prerequisite to Business Portal would be to install Web services for Dynamics GP. Web services work with Business Data catalog (BDC) functionality to create dashboards that do not exist in BP on WSS 3.0

6. There is a difference in terms of navigation in BP by choosing between WSS 3.0 and MOSS 2007. When installed using MOSS 2007, Business Portal chooses Collaboration portal site template which includes Report center and Search Sites.

7. If you are just looking to have Requisition Management in Business Portal, then you’d just need WSS 3.0 with BP installed. This is another question I get most times with people getting confused with assuming Requisition Management Approvals require Workflows. Requisition Management Approval hierarchy is part of the standard BP functionality and not part of Dynamics GP Workflows functionality.

To know about the distinction between WSS and MOSS, Visit this link.

Currency ID blank during e-connect Integration

During an e-connect integration, we might come across a situation where the currency ID remains blank in the transaction entry despite having a functional currency set up correctly. The issue can be resolved by making sure there is a checkbook ID in the company that has a currency ID associated to it or an item associated to a currency ID.

Another place to check is to ensure that the functional currency Index value in company database (MC40000) matches the currency index value in Dynamics Database (MC40200).
Source: Dynamics GP Forum Help Thread


Shout out for MSDynamicsWire: From Top Bloggers on MSDynamics

image It is 2 months MSDynamicsWire was launched and I’m happy at the level of recognition it is receiving from our Microsoft Dynamics Community, one of the largest growing communities around the globe. It was a small idea combined with my huge passion towards Microsoft Dynamics in specific that led to the inception of MSDynamicsWire. Strengthening the community is strengthening the product base which in turn helps us grow along with the product we do serve.

Some of the best blogs that talk about MSDynamicsWire: Why don’t we just visit them straight?

1. Jim Glass, A well-known personality and a big help resource for Microsoft Dynamics CRM professionals. He is currently serving as Microsoft Dynamics CRM UX Site Manager. He spent few minutes of his precious time space to talk about MSDynamicsWire on his famous blog A CRM Riff.

2. Mark Polino, Another great personality and a Microsoft MVP.He is currently working as a Senior Consultant for I.B.I.S and he writes on Dynamics GP on his well noted blog DynamicsAccounting.net. He has this much to say about MSDynamicsWire.

3. Vaidyanathan Mohan, An active blogger on Dynamics GP and a free-lancer professional presently having his base in his newly found home, Dubai. Here is what he has to say about MSDynamicsWire.

4. Mohammad Daoud, Another Microsoft MVP and a big time resource helping Dynamics GP community through Newsgroups and his blog has this much to say about MSDynamicsWire.

After all, end of the day It is these little words from the community that matters to me more than anything else.


Another Workflows Error

I covered about one error in workflows earlier. It is time for another troubleshoot. At this time, let us have a look at another error reproduced below

“Event Type: Error Event Source: Windows SharePoint Services 3 Event Category: General Event ID: 27745Date: 30/09/2008Time: 3:23:52 Amuser: N/A Computer: AUYXUAP310WBC32Description:The description for Event ID ( 27745 ) in Source ( Windows SharePoint Services 3 ) cannot be found. The local computer may not have the necessary registry information or message DLL files to display messages from a remote computer. You may be able to use the /AUXSOURCE= flag to retrieve this description; see Help and Support for details. The following information is part of the event: #50071: Unable to connect to the database SharePoint_Config on SharePointSQLServer_Dev. Check the database connection information and make sure that the database server is running..”

A very small and quick resolution to this issue. Just run the following commands

NET STOP “windows sharepoint services timer”

NET STOP “windows sharepoint services timer”

For a complete library of workflows related subject published on this blog, Follow this link.


Fixed Assets Integration fails

Consider this scenario. You are implementing Dynamics GP Fixed Assets in your company. None of the Fixed Assets have been imported yet. You have ensured you did all your setups just perfect. Now, It’s turn to import your assets into Asset General window using Integration Manager. It can be handled using Integration Manager eConnect destination adapter for Fixed Assets. 

You have made sure you set your source files, relationships as well as mappings are all proper. Now, It’s time to run your integration so you hit your Run Integration button. For no mistake of yours, the integration fails returning this error below.

Microsoft.Dynamics.GP.eConnect: Number = 6625 Stored procedure taCreateAssetID : Description = unable to obtain the next FAINDEX.

What’s wrong with the integration? There is nothing wrong that you did during this  process except resorting to this workaround for getting away with this error.

Go to your Fixed Assets General window. Enter one Asset manually out there. Save the Asset record that you just created. Now, Come back to your integration that contains about 10000 assets (just kidding) to integrate. Run the integration. Voila! It integrated your 9999 assets in just a matter of couple of minutes time (Granted that you don’t have any other genuine errors in your integration)


Work, Open and History

I thought I’d just summarize the meaning of these statuses we would see in Receivables and Payables modules as I had recently encountered this question in newsgroup.

Work Status

In both Receivables and Payables modules, a document is assigned ‘work’ status when the said document is saved in a batch.

Open Status

In both Receivables and Payables modules, a document is assigned ‘open’ status when the said document is posted

History Status

In Receivables module, a document is moved to ‘history’  status when the said document is fully applied and then the Paid Transaction Removal (PTR) routine is processed.

In Payables module, a document is moved to ‘history’ status when the said document is fully applied.

History status would also be assigned when the said document is voided as well in both receivables and payables modules.


Time to look beyond Twitter

msdw_tumblr We are able to send updates to our followers by way of tweets on a regular basis helping us maintain a good networking with our community. Be it DynamicsBlogger, MSDynamicsWire, Mark Polino, Mariano Gomez or David Musgrave, they are all bringing you their blog posts and other personal updates through their Twitter accounts. We have several companies operating in MS Dynamics space using Twitter as a broadcasting medium to reach their Customers bringing them the latest news updates.

In my earlier articles, I covered about the best ways of using Twitter to expand your reach. Surprisingly,Twitter is not the only candidate in Micro Blogging platform and we have several other candidates to look at. Tumblr is one of those deserving candidates to definitely look at for efficient micro blogging. Tumblr is an eye-catching scrapbook that helps you post short text blogs, post links, post chats, video or Audio, re blog your favorite blogs. More important is the fact that it also has several features like posting from Phone, E-mail. All the posts in your Tumblr account can be tweeted automatically to Twitter as well as the same can be sent to your Facebook accounts. You can follow your favorite blogs on Tumblr just like how you do with twitter.

If you’d like an example on this, You can very much look at my own blog just started on tumblr that would shortly be the official blog of MSDynamicsWire.com. Here is the link to have a look at how Tumblr can make a real difference of Micro blogging


(In future the blog can be reachable at http://blog.msdyanamicswire.com.)

This can be the best deserving candidate to be your company’s official blog. People wouldn’t like to read big stories yet they would really prefer to hear short stories which can be achieved in its best form through Tumblr. So, What for you are waiting? Open an account with Tumblr and explore the benefits it can offer to us for no cost.


Workflows Error

Here is another article that talks about an error identified from the stack trace in Event Viewer. I have published a series of articles on Dynamics GP Workflows in recent times. After having installed Web Services, MOSS 2007 and Workflows successfully, I thought everything is perfect. I tried testing a dummy workflow for GL batch approval creating a one approver scenario. I was able to submit the batch for approval successfully. However, When i tried approving the said batch, it takes no action. To identify what’s happening in the back end, I opened Event Viewer. Remember that there would be a separate events series called Dynamics that would be available once you have workflows installed on the Web server running workflows. Under the Dynamics events, it was registering the following error every time I hit the Approval button. 



Current User LogOnName:


Input parameters:

Exception type:


Exception message:


Stack Trace:

at Microsoft.Dynamics.Workflow.Common.ArgumentHelper.
(String userName, String argumentName, String classMethodName)

at Microsoft.Dynamics.Workflow.WorkflowSecurityManager.
CheckAccess(String logOnName, WorkflowAssociationKey
workflowAssociationKey, WorkflowSecurityGroup
[] workflowSecurityGroups)

at Microsoft.Dynamics.Workflow.Schedule.
(Object sender, ConditionalEventArgs e)

at System.Workflow.Activities.CodeCondition.
Evaluate(Activity ownerActivity, IServiceProvider provider)

at System.Workflow.Activities.IfElseActivity.
Execute(ActivityExecutionContext executionContext)

at System.Workflow.ComponentModel.ActivityExecutor`1.
Execute(T activity, ActivityExecutionContext executionContext)

at System.Workflow.ComponentModel.CompositeActivityExecutor`
1.Execute(T activity, ActivityExecutionContext executionContext)

at System.Workflow.ComponentModel.ActivityExecutor`
1.Execute(Activity activity, ActivityExecutionContext executionContext)

at System.Workflow.ComponentModel.ActivityExecutionFilter.Execute
(Activity activity, ActivityExecutionContext executionContext)

at System.Workflow.ComponentModel.FaultAndCancellationHandlingFilter.
Execute(Activity activity, ActivityExecutionContext executionContext)

at System.Workflow.ComponentModel.ActivityExecutorOperation.
Run(IWorkflowCoreRuntime workflowCoreRuntime)

at System.Workflow.Runtime.Scheduler.Run()

After a series of diagnosis on the error, I could finally resolve the same. The issue was with Service Accounts for MOSS as well as not importing the user profiles for Shared Services Provider (SSP). While configuring the MOSS, I used same account which is a farm administrator also for all service accounts. Certain Service accounts provide read-only access to the SharePoint databases. So, the account with which I’m trying to approve is being denied access due to the fact that the system is not able to identify this user as an administrator despite the fact that the said account is a workflows administrator in the web services security console as well. Adding to this, there is one step in MOSS configuration where we have to import all Active directory users into the shared services provider. I skipped this step too initially. After correcting these issues, the workflows started working absolutely perfect. So, We have to be 100% sure that we configure web services for Dynamics GP, MOSS correctly in order to ensure the workflows run successfully. Any small misconfiguration would lead to a failure of workflows.


Reset Workflows in Dynamics GP

Recently while I was testing the workflows for Dynamics GP, I have had to uninstall the Workflows. Prior to uninstalling the workflows, it is always recommended to deactivate the active workflows. I forgot I was having GL Entry batch approval workflow active while doing this uninstall operation. The result was whenever I login to GP and try to open the General entry or GL batch entry window, I get a message saying Dynamics GP encountered an error and needs to close. Then it crashes immediately. I observed the GL batch entry window continue to show Workflow layer on top of it. In order to overcome this issue, I followed this troubleshooting method as below

1. Tried deactivating the workflows by going to Microsoft Dynamics GP | Tools | Setup | Workflow Setup. I could not unmark the Activate Workflow option there.

2. I went to SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) and ran a statement on my company database SY00500 table to see the active batches for which workflow shows to be activated. I ran the following statement to update the active workflow batches to remove the reference of workflows from those batches


3. Then went to DYNAMICS database, Ran the following statement


Now Try logged in Dynamics GP and checked if the same error as reported originally above is recurring. It is perfect this time.


Dynamics GP Workflows Uninstall Fails with a Fatal Error

In one of my earlier articles, I covered a common issue that we encounter during installation of workflows. In this article, I’d cover another issue that we encounter during uninstallation and reinstallation of workflows.

Background of this issue goes on like this before I present the troubleshooting route that I took to overcome the same. In one of my implementations, I have installed all the pre-requisites required for Workflows and configured them successfully. Same is the case with Workflows for which the installation went peacefully. Problems started only when I identified the workflows are not working properly with the Approvals during the initial testing. After several unsuccessful attempts, I decided to take the hard way to get out of this issue. I decided to uninstall the Workflows completely and reinstall the same. Even repairing workflows wasn’t working. To add to my already existing problems, the uninstallation also failed returning a fatal error. After several attempts again to uninstall the same, in a frustration, I uninstalled Web Services, MOSS and even Business Portal just to make sure I wanted to have a clean install.

The same fatal error prevailed even after uninstalling the whole thing and reinstalling the same pre-requisites. What to do? I have to make a choice here again. Then comes the most hard decision. To go through an unsupported method. (Please be advised that this is an unsupported method and readers are requested to exercise caution)

1. Uninstalled the Workflows using Windows Installer Clean up utiliy. Remember that Windows installer clean up doesn’t delete the actual program.

2. Backed up the Registry.

3. Went to Registry Editor (regedit.exe) and identified the Keys for Workflows  as below



4. Deleted the above keys. We can identify the keys by seeing the display name of the same.

5. Rebooted the server.

6. Tried installing the Workflows again. For a minute, I thought It went past the earlier error. It did before it failed again returning the following errors



C:\ Program Files \ Microsoft Dynamics\ Workflow \Microsoft.Dynamics.Workflow.Install.RegisterSchedule.exe returned '-532459699'


7. To overcome the above errors, I opened the stsadm.exe command prompt and ran the following commands.

•    stsadm -o deactivatefeature -name DynamicsApproval -url <DynamicsGPWorkflow URL> -force
•    stsadm -o deactivatefeature -name DynamicsWorkflowForms -url <DynamicsGPWorkflow URL> -force
•    stsadm -o deactivatefeature -name DynamicsWorkflow -url <DynamicsGPWorkflow URL> -force
•    stsadm -o uninstallfeature -name DynamicsApproval -force
•    stsadm -o uninstallfeature -name DynamicsWorkflowForms -force
•    stsadm -o uninstallfeature -name DynamicsWorkflow -force

Note: DynamicsGPWorkflow URL should be replaced by actual workflow URL

8. Tried installing it again. voila! It worked.