Time to look beyond Twitter

msdw_tumblr We are able to send updates to our followers by way of tweets on a regular basis helping us maintain a good networking with our community. Be it DynamicsBlogger, MSDynamicsWire, Mark Polino, Mariano Gomez or David Musgrave, they are all bringing you their blog posts and other personal updates through their Twitter accounts. We have several companies operating in MS Dynamics space using Twitter as a broadcasting medium to reach their Customers bringing them the latest news updates.

In my earlier articles, I covered about the best ways of using Twitter to expand your reach. Surprisingly,Twitter is not the only candidate in Micro Blogging platform and we have several other candidates to look at. Tumblr is one of those deserving candidates to definitely look at for efficient micro blogging. Tumblr is an eye-catching scrapbook that helps you post short text blogs, post links, post chats, video or Audio, re blog your favorite blogs. More important is the fact that it also has several features like posting from Phone, E-mail. All the posts in your Tumblr account can be tweeted automatically to Twitter as well as the same can be sent to your Facebook accounts. You can follow your favorite blogs on Tumblr just like how you do with twitter.

If you’d like an example on this, You can very much look at my own blog just started on tumblr that would shortly be the official blog of MSDynamicsWire.com. Here is the link to have a look at how Tumblr can make a real difference of Micro blogging


(In future the blog can be reachable at http://blog.msdyanamicswire.com.)

This can be the best deserving candidate to be your company’s official blog. People wouldn’t like to read big stories yet they would really prefer to hear short stories which can be achieved in its best form through Tumblr. So, What for you are waiting? Open an account with Tumblr and explore the benefits it can offer to us for no cost.