Excel Report Builder–Publish Report in GP 2010

"Excel Report Builder: You do not have security privileges to publish this report."

I published an article in late 2009 titled Excel Report Builder: Publish Function that dealt with publishing permissions for report built in Excel Report Builder in Dynamics GP 10.0. Summary of this post is that only user ‘sa’ user can publish the report . Dynamics GP 2010 addressed this problem. I’d say it is resolved partially but not fully because even now not all users are allowed to publish the report. The Publish report permission has been extended to the users with the below server roles

  1. sa user
  2. DYNSA user
  3. db_owner database role
  4. sysAdmin fixed server role
  5. dbcreator fixed server role

On one hand, I found this extension of users as welcoming but on the other hand, I don’t understand why it can’t be applied to all users and leave the control at the user security level. I think it is SQL server limitations which could have made this module developers handicapped to limit the publish function to the roles above and not to all users. Another question, though, it might be stupid knocks my mind that why it wasn’t possible to make this change in Dynamics GP 10 when it could be made in Dynamics GP 2010.

Whatever the reasons are, those who faced this limitation in Dynamics GP 10 can feel relaxed at this positive change provided the application itself is upgraded to 2010.

(References are derived from this article appeared on Inside Microsoft Dynamics GP blog)

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