Payables Management - Document Number appear Blank

When Checkbook ID is selected in Manual Payment entry, the document number appear blank and the payables edit list displays an error that the duplicate check numbers are not allowed.

Sometimes you tend to get confused at times when you see a weird system behavior. You go and look back at your fundamentals if it’s the case really. This happened to me recently while providing support to a client.

This is related to an issue surfaced in manual payment entry screen of Payables Management module of Dynamics GP 10. We all know very well that the document number (check number) in manual payment entry defaults to the available next check number field in Check book maintenance screen when the checkbook ID is selected. In this case, when the check book ID is selected, it just appears blank and doesn’t default to the said field in checkbook maintenance.

For a while, I got confused if this is by design and has to go back to my local install to check if this is really the case. Fortunately not. So what’s causing the issue. My initial thoughts were if the entry screen is customized earlier. I checked it and found there is a customization though it is not set to in Alternate/modified reports.

Another thought ran in my mind if the procedures or table links are damaged so tried SQL Maintenance to recompile, drop and add back procedures, the issue remains in tact.

This time, the Payment document management attracted my interest which is installed on the said environment but lying orphaned. In other words, the setup is blank and returns the message “the payment document management setup is missing or damaged”.

In order to be clear with the exact cause of the issue, I ran the dexsql this time and I saw the last line of code referencing the payment document management tables even though the setup wasn’t done. Since the module is not being used, I just removed the same from Dynamics.Set file and now the entry defaults the next check number.

Just to summarize, watch out the payment document management module if in case you see this error.