Tracking Payroll Updates


Considering the Payroll hot topic, I’ve created the post with a consolidated list of threads being posted on Dynamics community forums whichever I’m finding them helpful. I’d update this post with any other threads that I find in due course of time. If you have any other information to be updated on this post, Please post in the comments section so that I can update the same over here.

  1. GP 10.0 Year End update and Security Issues – This post talks about the security settings that are changed after applying the year-end update.
  2. After 2010 Year End Update applied- This post talks about the reporting issues in Accounts Payable.
  3. Tax Updates GP 10- This post seeks clarification about which payroll update to be applied.
  4. Monthly and Quarterly SUTA/FUTA Liability- This post seeks help in troubleshooting an issue where FUTA/SUTA liability was wrongly processed for Oct-Dec 2010 instead of calculating it for Dec 2010.
  5. Credit Card numbers hidden in MS Dynamics GP 10 after SP5 update-This post talks about an issue after applying 2010 payroll year end update for GP 10 where credit card numbers are masked/hidden in some windows.
  6. Will round 2 of 2011 tax updates be available for Dynamics GP 9.0-This post asks for information whether round 2 update will be applicable for Dynamics GP 9.0 or not. Just to update here, I have seen a similar post in Dynamics Partner forums where it was replied that Yes it will be applicable but Microsoft might just support till this update only as the support cycle ends on January 11th for GP9.0. Refer to this post link here.
  7. Year End Wage Report- This post seeks clarification whether Year End wage report is different than the Earnings summary US Payroll report.
  8. GP 10 Year End Update Error Dex.dic- This post asks for troubleshooting for an issue encountered while applying Year-end update.
  9. Payroll Tax Update Error-This post is about an error while updating the tax tables manually that says “ Update has failed because the digital signature could not be verified”.
  10. Your current SQL server is not a supported version-This post seeks troubleshooting about the SQL server compatibility issue encountered while trying to apply 2010 year end update.
  11. Payroll Tax update for 2011-This post seeks information about the time frame for updates to include 4.2% FUTA Employee contribution.
  12. Tax Update 2011 Question-This post asks about 4.2% FUTA roll up
  13. Updating Payroll year end tax tables for GP 2010 on 64-bit-This post seeks help about an error while applying update on a 64-bit machine.
  14. System-Install year end Update-This post asks for help about an error "DEX.Dic version 10.0.324.0 is not compatible with the executable version 10.0.331.0" while trying to apply year end update.
  15. Problems with reports and forms following year-end payroll upgrade-This Post seeks help about the reports and forms issues after year-end update.
  16. Pay codes do not default from employee class- This post seeks help where pay codes are not defaulting from the employee class.
  17. Payroll Tax update-Connection Error-This post is about the error while trying to apply 2011 update on GP 9.0.
  18. Printing 941 Report for periods prior to 2011- This post is about 941 reports to be printed prior to 2011 but after 2011 update.

Credits: Microsoft Dynamics GP Community and Dynamics GP Partner Forums.
Disclaimer: Information posted in this article is collected from the Microsoft Dynamics Communities forums posted by several users. The information is linked to the original source itself. Please contact your respective Dynamics GP partner or Microsoft Support representative for assistance on troubleshooting or clarification and information posted here is strictly for reference purposes.